Mack’s Mindless Musings: An Introduction to Me and My Wife

My wife (Bobal) has always wanted to write a blog. I have always supported this idea as I’m devote in the belief that she would be very interesting to listen too.

I love my wife but she sometimes has a far from normal sense of humour, a distinct lack of common sense, can be incredibly opinionated and some may say loves our two cats (Doh Doh and Goofy) far too much! As long as Bobal hasn’t read that and I survive long enough to write this next bit, I would also say she is extraordinarily intelligent (it’s scary sometimes), very creative, kind, selfless, funny, interesting and generally beautiful inside and out.

On the flip side of that personally, I have never had much of an interest in blogging due to my general lack of intelligence and far from adept grasp of grammar and the English language. I knew however if I showed an interest in starting a blog that Bobal would also want to follow suit.

My motivations to enter the blogosphere are not all together selfless though, I of course have my own agenda. I would like a platform to improve my writing skills and a medium to put down on paper my (mostly) random thoughts. I hope to find the experience quite therapeutic, but who knows?!?

I actually became inspired to start blogging the morning after an argument with Bobal whilst I was driving to work.

Initially I thought that I could perhaps impart some wisdom regarding relationships, don’t ask my why! However this then spawned a myriad of different topics I thought I may like to write about however thoroughly uninteresting they may be. With this in mind you will see me write about my take on motorway drivers and road rage, tips on weight training and relationship advice; from the importance of arguing to how to communicate effectively. For good measure I will also throw in a dash of fun anecdotes from day to day life as a parent – from the dad’s perspective plus much more I’m sure.

I can’t imagine that many people will be interested in what I have to write but regardless I look forward to writing it.


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