Bobal’s Babble: An Introduction

My biggest vices are my impatience and my tendency to procrastinate. So in short – I’m in a hurry to put things off! And this blog is no exception. I’ve been banging on about starting a blog for absolutely ages but it wasn’t until my lovely husband jumped on the bandwagon that I got off my arse and did something about it.

I wanted to write a blog because I’m a bit of a know it all and love imparting my boundless wisdom on anyone who asks (or who doesn’t ask as the case may be) so casting my net to the blogosphere just expands my would be victims.

I also fancy myself a bit of a writer and have in fact started writing a novel (in that I started 2 years ago and am 1 chapter in – see the beginning of this blog!) I would therefore like to use this blog as a means of honing my written voice.

Finally, I live, work and play in a little northern town and feel like sometimes I’m meeting the same person over and over again so perhaps; if I get my voice out there, I’ll attract some like minded nutters and learn a little bit more about the rest of the world.

So little blog…no pressure!

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