Mack’s Mindless Musings: An Update For My Daughter 19/07/2017.

I love a good lie in… Sorry, I used to love a good lie in. I thoroughly enjoy sleeping and I’m good at it. You however, my gorgeous little girl, have other not so sleepy plans. Don’t get me wrong you’ve been sleeping pretty well at the minute, in bed at 7.30, awake between 6 and 7 and only waking up once if at all. I really can’t complain, I just love my bed! A lot!
The funny thing is, no matter what time you wake me up, I can’t help but smile when I see your little face. It doesn’t work the same for your mother, God help her if she wakes me too soon! Currently this is our little morning dance fully choreographed by yourself:
You wake up, either Mummy or myself will come and get you, take off your sleeping bag and change your nappy. This is where the demands begin. ‘Want people!’ This means I have to collect the selection of Lego people from the wardrobe that you ordered me to put there the night before. Then ‘Mummy Daddy bed’, and as soon as we reach the bed, ‘Po, Po, Po, Po, daddy get Po, Po’, relentlessly until I move. So I go and collect your 8 strong possy of cuddly toys that currently consists of Roo, Lionel, Po, Lala, Tinky Winky (Winky), Dipsy, Naked Meerkat  and most recently; Marcel the Monkey.
The instant you are happy that I have fulfilled my teddy courier duties you start with, ‘milk, milk, milk, Daddy get milk’, suffice to say, I go and ‘get milk’. During this time I can only assume that you are being mauled to death by your kiss and squeeze happy mother but having glorious cuddles none-the-less whilst I’m off in the world milking a cow!
As soon as I return from my latest duty, you politely say ‘thank you… curtains’, so I open the curtains and disappear for my *cough, cough* morning toilet time. 5 minutes later you charge through the bathroom door to give me my morning toilet cuddle whilst telling me ‘Daddy poo, Daddy poo’ then demand that we go ‘downstairs, downstairs, Daddy go downstairs’ to which I agree and you reply ‘breakfast’ and ‘Daddy carry’ or ‘shimmy bump’ based on the way in which you decided to go down the stairs to where Mummy is making breakfast.
It’s a long stretch from my old lazy mornings, waking up whenever I pleased, grunting at your Mummy and needing an hour on my own before it was safe to engage with the human population… and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Much love, Daddy xx

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