Mack’s Mindless Musings: An Update For My Daughter 19/07/2017.

I love a good lie in… Sorry, I used to love a good lie in. I thoroughly enjoy sleeping and I’m good at it. You however, my gorgeous little girl, have other not so sleepy plans. Don’t get me wrong you’ve been sleeping pretty well at the minute, in bed at 7.30, awake between 6 and 7 and only waking up once if at all. I really can’t complain, I just love my bed! A lot!
The funny thing is, no matter what time you wake me up, I can’t help but smile when I see your little face. It doesn’t work the same for your mother, God help her if she wakes me too soon! Currently this is our little morning dance fully choreographed by yourself:
You wake up, either Mummy or myself will come and get you, take off your sleeping bag and change your nappy. This is where the demands begin. ‘Want people!’ This means I have to collect the selection of Lego people from the wardrobe that you ordered me to put there the night before. Then ‘Mummy Daddy bed’, and as soon as we reach the bed, ‘Po, Po, Po, Po, daddy get Po, Po’, relentlessly until I move. So I go and collect your 8 strong possy of cuddly toys that currently consists of Roo, Lionel, Po, Lala, Tinky Winky (Winky), Dipsy, Naked Meerkat  and most recently; Marcel the Monkey.
The instant you are happy that I have fulfilled my teddy courier duties you start with, ‘milk, milk, milk, Daddy get milk’, suffice to say, I go and ‘get milk’. During this time I can only assume that you are being mauled to death by your kiss and squeeze happy mother but having glorious cuddles none-the-less whilst I’m off in the world milking a cow!
As soon as I return from my latest duty, you politely say ‘thank you… curtains’, so I open the curtains and disappear for my *cough, cough* morning toilet time. 5 minutes later you charge through the bathroom door to give me my morning toilet cuddle whilst telling me ‘Daddy poo, Daddy poo’ then demand that we go ‘downstairs, downstairs, Daddy go downstairs’ to which I agree and you reply ‘breakfast’ and ‘Daddy carry’ or ‘shimmy bump’ based on the way in which you decided to go down the stairs to where Mummy is making breakfast.
It’s a long stretch from my old lazy mornings, waking up whenever I pleased, grunting at your Mummy and needing an hour on my own before it was safe to engage with the human population… and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Much love, Daddy xx

Mack’s Mindless Musings: An update for my daughter 17/07/2017

You are a delight, a frustratingly relentless delight! Your mood changes with the wind and you have the emotional range of an 18 year old drama student. Your love for the most simple thing is infectious and your instantaneous rage is hilarious. I am seriously considering a test for schizophrenia.
So, what are some of your major attributes, your likes and dislikes that I think you may like to read about when you’re older? At the minute you love Lego! ‘Daddy play Lego, Daddy play Lego, Daddy play Lego’, you can continue with this until you get a favourable answer and if you don’t… you would think I just told you that I’m leaving and never coming back. You know exactly how to pull on the heart strings and you do it expertly. Suffice to say, ‘Daddy play Lego’, a lot! And I love it.
Furthermore you are now basically a mafia boss. You’re the ring leader of a tiny, weirdly eclectic gang of Lego people. To date the gang consists of, Lego Man with blue hat, Lego Boy, Lego Girl with blonde hair, Lego Girl with brown hair, Lego Lady, Lego Pizza Man, Lego Cat, Lego Dog, Lego squirrel and Romeo… Yes, Mum and Dad are most certainly lacking in inspiration on the naming front, even if Romeo was a stroke of genius. We do however make up for it in the Lego people recruitment department.
You also enjoy playing house with me, learning with your wooden alphabet board, working through your flash cards (you are obsessed with the panda card) and reading lots of books. A couple of your favourites at the moment are The Jolly Postman, The Dinosaur (Dowa) That Pooped a Planet, The Gruffalo and Beauty and the Beast. All of the above however wanes in comparison to your burning desire to look at ‘pikurs’ (pictures). When you’re happy, ‘pikurs’, when your sad, ‘pikurs’, when tired, hungry, moody or jolly all you want to do is look at pictures with Mummy or Daddy. It’s adorable.
You have recently learned how to say please and thank you. It’s one of the sweetest things ever but basically means you can now have anything you want. All you need to do is say ‘Daddy please’ and I simply can’t resist and again, you know it. Did I mention you’ve acquired a taste for chocolate and ice lollies? Although we all know Grandma is truly to blame here.
I try and take you swimming every week and you love the water. We sing Humpty Dumpty as you jump in, you love showering before and after plus thoroughly enjoy people watching. You regularly shout ‘hello man’ or ‘hello lady’ to absolute strangers. It isn’t embarrassing at all! You’re learning doggy paddle, like blowing bubbles and find it hilarious when I go under water. It’s one of the highlights of my week.
That’s enough for now, I’ll do another update soon. Just know that your Mummy and I love you very much, we treasure every moment we are blessed with you and miss you dreadfully when ever we’re apart.
I love you Mush.

Bobal’s Babble: We Are Only Renting; a Poem.

You tumbled into Daddy’s arms.

He placed you upon my chest.

Over my beating heart.

My heart beats for you.

Your eyes, unusually wide and black

Held our attention. Unwaveringly.

You are perfect.

                                                                                                                                                                                                We are now complete and

We want for nothing.

But one day you will.

One day you will want.

Want more than our choices for you.

And what’s more

We want you to want that.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Our love culminated in you.

You are our pretty, effectual bow.

We will forever more be bound

Through you.

Faced with our last day

We’d want it that way.

Just us three.

                                                                                                                                                                                                For a while

Too short a while

You are most content in our arms.

We are the Earth you orbit

And you ours.

But not forever.

One day, our Little Moon, you will leave.

                                                                                                                                                                                               You will start your own family.

For your last days

It’s them you’ll crave.

After all

We are only renting you.

We can’t keep you.

You must fly the nest.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Just us three will always be, our happy day.

But it can’t last.

The amelioration

which has already begun

will no doubt, be full of joy.

As we teach and you explore

We only hope you’ll make life your own.

                                                                                                                                                                                                And then Precious Daughter, You will go.

Go out there.

See the sights. Meet the people.

Conquer the challenges. Enjoy the ride.

We will be here

Happy for You.

Learning once more to be just us two.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Knowing that

We are only renting

Means it is all the more cherished.

Each chapter, whilst fleeting, is treasured.

We hope this means we won’t stifle.

We want only for your flame to burn

In its own fantastical way.

                                                                                                                                                                                                We don’t hope to buy you. You were never Ours.

Always your own.

Our privilege, is to guide and teach.

Arm you with that which you need to get on.

We’ll expose you to lots, recommend and advise.

But in the end

Your path’s your own.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  As you once fell into Daddy’s arms

You’ll fall into a world of your own creation.

You’ll triumph. You’ll fail.

And that’s OK.

We’ll always be here to catch you.

After all, We’re only renting.

But you own us.

Every. Single. Brick.

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