Bobal’s Babble: It’s a Cat’s Life

Mack and I have 2 cats. One very cat like cat called Goofy who attacks your toes whenever you have the audacity to wiggle one and who only allows you to stroke her when and in the manner, she wishes to be stroked. And, our other cat, Doh Doh, who is not so much a cat as a teddy bear. He loves to be cuddled above all else, wants to sleep in our bed with us (even under the duvet) and likes to be carried around.

Up until Mush’s arrival, Doh Doh was my baby. I would smush him into the hoods of my jackets and walk around with him, we would share a pillow when we napped and I knew just how to stroke him to illicit the deepest form of gratitude; that which was beyond a basic purr – the purr and drool!

Then! Wham bam, my actual baby was born. And with Mush’s arrival, Doh Doh’s world was turned upside down. I became reluctant to stroke Doh Doh because I didn’t want any cat hair to find its way into Mush’s mouth. He was no longer allowed in the bedroom, lest he should climb into Mush’s bed. His hood naps were even no more as now his previously clean, snuggly den was more often than not covered in baby sick.

Doh Doh’s nose has been well and truly pushed out. And perhaps Doh Doh could have accepted all of this had it not been for the screaming baby now shoved in his face, spoiling his sunny stretches on the windowsill and making his meals turn up late and without the added touches of leftover steak. So, not prepared to stand for this decline in living standards, he has left home!

The move was gradual. It started one day with a text message from our lovely neighbour saying that Doh Doh had invited himself in and was enjoying a good cuddle. This progressed to the odd afternoon nap at his new friend’s. Now he is reluctantly sent home everyday and on those days our neighbour works; Doh Doh pines at the back door to get to her.  Much to the upset of me. Had I not loved him, fed him and looked after him when he was sick all these years to now become only an after thought?

So I did what any good mother does…I bribed him. ‘Stay at home kitten and you can have treats.’ ‘Go on – nap in daddy’s leather office chair (the holy grail of napping spots due to its forbidden nature).’ ‘Yes,  I’ve caught you on the kitchen work top but no I won’t tell you off.’

And the result? Doh Doh now eats with us, sleeps where he wants, does what he wants then strolls next door for what I suspect is more of the same. He’s even trained our neighbour to carry him back home when it’s been raining so as not to get his paws wet.

Humans: 0          Cat: 1

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