A Little About Us

Hi there!

We are, as it says on the tin, a married couple with a beautiful 11 week old daughter (AKA Mush), who want to start a blog which will no doubt waffle on across the endless topics that life has to offer. In the interests of full disclosure – this blog will be a totally random collection of thoughts and observations written from each Mack and Bobal’s point of view, both separately and together.

We have mixed intentions with our little blog but hope to use it to comment on life’s daily hilarity, challenge ourselves and share life hacks that we couldn’t be without.

So, who are Mack and Bobal?

Mack is a 27 year old business development manager in the leisure industry and Bobal is also 27 and is a solicitor but currently enjoying maternity leave. We welcomed our little chipmunk into the world last August and it’s been pandemonium ever since! We met in school (cue collective “awwwww“) and have been happily together for over 11 years and married for nearly 2.

We don’t expect to have any readers (except maybe Bobal’s mum) but this will hopefully help us to keep a grasp on what’s left of our sanity and pull us away from monotonous nights in front of the telly.

Please feel free to share, comment on or like our blogs – it will be nice to know someone’s listening! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter

Mack, Bobal and Mush


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